A new year running… with Mauma!

A new year running… with Mauma!

Running yes, but there’s no rush! On site only good intentions to be turned into reality.
“New year, new life” remembers an appropriate motto for this beginning of 2017.
Yes, because with the odd year is born, or better, our project formalizes: Mauma.

And what better time than a new year to introduce it to the public?
So here we are, with a little bit of madness and courage, but also with some enthusiasm, we come out of the closet, after months of tests and discussions, and we tell you what is Mauma and in what it believes.

Mauma is an innovative sporting t-shirt made with the best italian technicians fabrics in marketplace to avoid rubbing, skin irritation and the consequent nipple’s bleeding, common problem, even if often hidden away, among running and jogging’s fans.

We know running. We know sportswear.
We know what sweat and passion mean. And we also know that the first one, with fabric’s rubbing with more sensitive body’s skin, that is of nipple, causes pain and bleeding.
But we also know that running means overcoming of own limits.
And it’s from this life’s philosophy and from this perseverance that we also start, sitting down together and thinking about the solutions of abovementioned problem.
Prototype after prototype we created a t-shirt with crossed elastic bands which avoid nipple’s rubbing and allow to enjoy running, run faster, run smarter, as our slogan says:

Enjoy your run, run faster, run smarter!

Band-aids and lotions can be replaced into the drawer. Mauma is the solution!



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