Here we are! Summer is really at the door!
How can’t we find ourselves, therefore, unprepared to face a season that smells of sea breeze, light, sunny, warm clothes?

Sports and correct nutrition are the perfect combination to welcome the summer. Yes, because between these two factors there is, of course, a tight tie that speaks of health and well-being.

Let’s look at some rules that would be important to follow:

1. What do you prefer in feeding?

More healthy fats, whole grains and fish. Check the intake of refined carbohydrates and red meat to reduce cardiovascular disease. A Little salt, a few sweets and sugary drinks, avoid alcoholic ones if possible. Fresh vegetables and fruits at will!
2. The number of daily meals

Do not miss meals! Rather… lighten and increase them. The ideal is to get 5/6 small daily meals, preferring breakfast as the main meal.
3. Resting

The canons 8 hours per night are a hint for the skin, for the mood and for the physical. Insomnia tends to increase the level of cortisol, the stress hormone that stimulates hunger.
4. 15 minutes of… Walking
It seems it produces the same benefits as a chocolate bar, but does not weigh the line!
5. Physical activity

Who has lived a sedentary life all winter, well, does not fit in football, volleyball, tennis… without a minimum of workout. A “no” categorical even for bicycles or jogging in the hottest hours of the day. What do you prefer then? See point 4. Walking at a 4-kilometer rhythm allows you to burn a good percentage of excess fat, train the cardio-circulatory system, toning your body, and relieving tension.
6. Have fun!

Beware of the rules yes, but with serenity. Because the first step to getting results is to do things with fun. So introduce new sports and eating habits with the smile!
7. Not only walking…

In the summertime, the parks of the cities populate of activities: from pilates to tai chi, from Zumba to belly dance… inform and attend!
8. Clothing

Mauma could not forget this element! Summer clothing should not cause irritation, rubbing, abrasion. For sports activities, there are many t-shirts that Mauma proposes to you: different colors, different sizes, different types (with or without sleeves) to train in comfort and well-being.

So ready for the summer?

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