A revealing article.
We read a very interesting section of Martino Pietropoli on Run Lovers.
A section that seems written especially for us and you, Mauma friends.
A section based on a traditional annual survey that provides a range of data and numbers on race.
Here we summarize a little bit of information:

-> Marathon. 39,098 Italians who in 2016 ran at least one marathon. A growing number, if you count that in 2014 were in 38,254, in 2015 were in 38,676, and now more than 39,000!

-> Women. They run more and more. In 2016 were 6,394, 8% more than in 2015.

-> Men. They run a bit ‘less… exactly 50 of them left the race between 2015 (32,754) and 2016 (32,704)

-> “International”. Many Italians cross the border of their country to test their skills in the race. New York is in pole position: to run through the streets of the Big Apple were 2,708 Italians, of which 1,988 men and 720 women. In second place Valencia, Spain, with 1,528 runners, including 1,195 men and 333 women. Bronze medal for Berlin, which attracted 959 runners, including 758 men and 201 women.
Followed by Paris (905), Athens (517) and Boston (174).

Among those mentioned, there are some of the marathons that have inspired our t-shirt. Did you recognize them?!

-> Better alone than… Only one Italian participant in Luxor, in Egypt, and Cyprus.

-> Fast VS slow. The fastest Italians, where velocity refers to a marathon race in less than three hours, fell by a 9.1% compared to 2015.
Increased rather slower. But be careful! Please remember that the number of participants increased.

-> Marathon, I love you. Rome is the most popular with its 13,881 classified, 2,394 more subscribers than 2015. Following Florence with 8,215 and Venice with 4,621. Milan falls by about 8%, from 4,002 to 3,719.

So marathoners, are you ready to wear Mauma t-shirt and “make the numbers” in the race?! 😉

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