Mauma t-shirts’ special ingredient


Mauma t-shirts’ special ingredient

On our facebook page we are presenting them little by little.
They are colored, in short sleeve or tank top version, fashion and delicate on skin.

They are Mauma men’s shirts. “Eco concept – Elegance concept – Intensive concept”.

But what is the winning element of Mauma t-shirts? The fabric.
Our t-shirts are made in light (only 110 g/m2) and breathable techno-fabric.

What does make this material so special?

It resists to abrasion, tear, and il never creases;
– it is particularly elastic;
– worked, you get a soft and velvety substance to the touch;
water-resistant, it doesn’t absorb moisture;
– extremely hygienic, it doesn’t allow the formation and proliferation of molds and bacteria;
– expertly worked, it is made breathable: the sweat evaporates leaving the skin dry;
– thanks to the previous feature, it confers good thermal insulation;
it dries quickly.

Mauma t-shirts and tank tops, composed in this way, ensure the correct muscle compression, the total protection from UV rays, protection from frictional and skin irritation, even and especially in the most sensitive points, such as the nipples.

It is on this part of the body, in fact, that we focused in the phases of conception and realization of our products.
We know that for those who love running for many kilometers, fabric’s rubbing of the shirt which he wears on nipple’s areola can cause, in the long period, pain and bleeding.
To overcome this considerable problem we crossed elastic bands, in order to prevent rubbing of chest’s sensitive skin.

Not only, to provide a safe and excellent product, we chose the best fabrics that Italian market can offer, ensuring a Made in Italy production chain.

Because race has to be a pleasure.
And Mauma knows give this pleasure.

By the way, have you got a chance to know us, visit our website and our facebook page? It’s a pleasure to meet you!

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