Definitely ideal for runners, whose long races tend to cause irritation and chafing of the skin, especially in the most sensitive points. But Mauma t-shirts – in light and breathable techno-fabric, which guarantees softness and skin protection – are perfect also for other sports.

Someone wore it for the weekly meeting with his bike, to run for kilometers and kilometers on lowland or in challenging uphills, with certainty that sweat would not damage epidermis.

Or there are those who wore a Mauma t-shirt directly in contact with the skin, completing the outfit with a heavier clothing, to face the ski-cross during the winter holidays, activities where the use of arms is particularly important and the consequent t-shirt’s rubbing on skin is inevitable.

Excellent feedback also by those who chose it to play soccer with old friends. “It’s like having a second skin” were the comments. Soft and pleasant to the touch, as well as elastic, it follows all the movements of the body without causing discomfort.

Designed by race’s amateurs to solve problems of chafing and bleeding nipples of runners, for lightness, breathability, elasticity, softness and comfort, Mauma products are suitable for any sports. Efficient, comfortable and functional, Mauma t-shirts and tank tops allow you to play your favorite discipline without stress and without pain, in full freedom.
Appropriate equipment allows, in fact, to train with more flavor and satisfaction.

We are confident that runners, cyclists, skiers and footballers are only the first of a long list of athletes who say they are satisfied by Mauma products.
We look forward to see in what other sports will end up made in Italy Mauma t-shirts and tank tops.

Have you already tried our Mauma products?

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