Hydrate! It’s not a tip, it’s an order.

In this summer time our blog becomes a dispenser of good advice. Trivial? Mmmh… better not take it for granted!

Hydration is, in fact, a fundamental part of nutrition, and… of life. Essential nutrition, water balance (water intake and release) needs to be always maintained, because the amount produced by metabolism does not cover the daily requirement.

Dehydration, on the other hand, results in a decrease in plasma volume, heart activity, sweating, skin healing and resistance.

With physical activity and increased ambient temperature (in the summer), the water supply from the inside of the body to the outside, mainly through sweating, increases considerably compared to a resting body.

Who are most at risk:
– Children: for the largest percentage of body water and for a fast turnover;
– Elderly: Because the stimulus of thirst decreases with the advancement of age;
– Athletes: for increased energy production resulting in increased body temperature and excessive sweating during sports.

What to do, then?
Compensate water leaks.

Let’s concentrate on the athletes.
Drink before, during, after exercise.
– Before: Fluid administration must begin before exercise to ensure optimum hydration at the time of effort. However, avoid large amounts of simple water in the 45-60 minutes prior to the effort, in order to don’t stimulate diuresis and subsequent liquid elimination.
– During: 1/4 liter every 15 minutes is ideal. But liquid input must always take into account the environmental characteristics (temperature, humidity, ventilation), the type of muscular work (heavy, light, speed or resistance), the worn clothing.
– After exercise: Take liquids to restore an internal balance of the body.

Dear athletes, did you fill the bottle?

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