It’s definitely not the most pleasant subject to talk about, but it’s an existing problem (and common), not to be underestimated: runner’s nipple.

You run for long distances, you sweat, the t-shirt scratches on the skin and, in the most delicate points, you have irritations and rashes, which can lead to the bleeding of the nipple.

An unfortunate situation that occurs more frequently when there are tissues composed by rough and hard fibers in contact with the skin, or if you sweat profusely.

The problem, moreover, results to be particularly annoying and embarrassing for men.

What to do, then, to avoid bleeding nipples?
Below 3 recommendations to prevent the phenomenon, because, as a well-known proverb says, “prevention is better than treat”. And in this case… by far!

1. CLOTHING. That is the fruit of our work. We know that wearing light, delicate, technical t-shirts is an excellent solution to face better this sport. We, of Mauma, did of all this our mantra, adding one more element. We made t-shirts with highly technical fabrics, produced exclusively in Italy, able to solve the problems of rubbing, abrasion and bleeding nipples during running trainings that last more than an hour, half-marathons, marathons, ultra-trail and the sky-race, where physical effort lasts for several hours.

2. HYDRATATION. Drinking properly (the right amount and the right liquid), because when you are dehydrated, the percentage of salt in the sweat increases, causing further irritation.

3. NO PIERCING. Although entered in step 3, this is is the first action to do: remove any jewelry from the nipples.

These are small details that allow you to save considerably on creams, patches, Vaseline – frequently used in these cases – ensuring you, amateurs or sportsmen, a total well-being and the pleasure of the running.

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