Mauma is sporty! And it accompanies you not only in marathons, bicycles and jogging, but also in many other sports that find in the summer the perfect season to be practiced.

Here we list some of them, sure that you will not only find the one that suits you best, but you will be happy to bring it to you with proper clothes, anti-rubbing, to enjoy it best!

ALPINISM AND CLAMPS: for those who want to measure themselves with the mountain, with their own strength and heights.

ORIENTEERING: a real adventure activity in woods and natural environments. And you, do you know orient yourself with a single compass and a map?

HORSE RIDING: There are many riding schools in holiday locations. A moment of real contact with nature and animals.

TREKKING: Mountain’s enthusiasts? This is your discipline. These are remarkable hikes on beaten paths and not, where silence and respect for the environment are the main pillars.

ADVENTURE PARKS: in vogue, in the last few years, between young people and not, adventure parks offer breathtaking adventures, allowing the intrepid people to walk from one tree to another in complete safety.

RAFTING: Restless waters challenge those who love adrenaline. Will they tempt you or you tempt them?

SQUASH: an evergreen. Not just summer sports, it is a racquet discipline, played by two or four players in a rectangular field delimited by four walls with a small rubber ball. Demanding, it requires a lot of resistance.

And you? What sport will you choose this summer?
Anything will be your choice, we will accompany you with our Mauma t-shirts.

(image source: freepik)

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